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"A memoir that ably addresses the challenges of meeting one’s personal needs while also serving humanitarian causes."


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You Don't Have to Agree to Show Empathy


We don’t all sit on the same side of the political, moral, gender identity, and theological continuum. But that’s exactly why we need empathy—because it cuts through our differences and hones in on the one thing we have in common: our humanity.

Dear Hurting America: A Letter from a Canadian on Independence Day

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Dear Hurting America: As you observe Independence Day this year, I know it may seem inauthentic to celebrate with the dysfunctions that have been rising to the surface lately. But despite all of the darkness, I know there is plenty of good, too.

Why Are Humanitarians Exploiting the People They're Helping?


We can’t expect perfection from humanitarian workers. But sexually exploiting the people one is meant to help isn’t an endearing little character flaw. That’s blatant participation in the very same oppressive systems the person is supposed to fight against.


Should I Volunteer with Survivors of Trafficking?


If all my non-profit did was force people to gawk at alarming pictures of women chained inside brothels, I’m sure we would elicit a strong emotional reaction from people. But after making those people upset, maybe even motivating them to give one-time donations out of outrage, then what? 

Why Shock Isn't an Effective Campaign Tactic

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Shedding light on human rights issues is necessary, but there are better ways to go about it. You can’t fight violence by using violent images. You can’t claim you’re exposing an injustice while creating another. You can’t expect effective, meaningful change by turning people into pawns in an emotionally manipulative game.

True Justice Work Isn't Just Online Outrage

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Injustice should make us outraged, but it matters how we react to it. Social media can be a helpful awareness tool - but the same tool that can be used for good can also be used for harm. Especially if we’re using social media for the purpose of flipping injustice the middle finger, our influence will be limited at best.


"This book will help keep generations of world-changers in the game, instead of tapping out because the struggle is too great."

Tim Coleman
Founder of Brown's Mill Church
+ Lead Pastor at East Bay Church



"I can't be a beacon of hope to a hurting community if I’m living in darkness. I can’t cultivate hope in others if I have none to begin with myself."
- Katie Bergman